A LONG-SERVING employee at Hinkley Point B has spoken of his fondness for the power station following the news of its extended operation.

Bridgwater-born John Phillips, 60, started work as an apprentice at Hinkley in 1968, testing electrical circuits prior to it becoming operational.

John said: “I’ve enjoyed it all. The station has always been full of characters who have made it such a great place to work.

“I’m proud to be now bringing apprentices into the organisation and enabling them to hopefully enjoy similarly-long and fulfilling careers.”

For John, of Wembdon, the life extension is doubly good news.

He said: “My son also works at Hinkley Point B, so it means extra security for him and his family.

“There is no doubt it is an exciting time for the station and part of me wishes I was beginning over again.”