ANYONE wishing to question officials on plans by Tesco to build a supermarket at Northgate has just eight days left to submit queries.

A ‘question and answer session’ will be held from 6pm on January 9 at Bridgwater Town Hall, where development control committee members will hear answers to any questions submitted by the public.

However, only ‘interested parties’ can submit questions, which must be registered in writing by midnight on Wednesday, December 19.

A spokesman from Sedgemoor District Council said: “Only those who have registered an interest through Sedgemoor’s planning website or by sending a letter or email by the end of last month will be considered ‘interested parties’.

“These people have been receiving letters over the past few days inviting them to register questions and attend the meeting.”

The January meeting is not a public meeting, though the public can attend and listen.

The spokesman said: “By holding these questions sessions the members of the development control committee are able to hear at first hand resident’s concerns and comments, and the council’s and applicant’s responses.”

Some residents think the December deadline does not allow enough time.

Sally Jones, of Gordon Terrace, told the Mercury: “I’m disabled and I just can’t get my questions in on time.

“I have a challenge doing all the Christmas shopping, let alone getting out to hand a letter into the council offices.

“Even if I mailed the letter I’m concerned that there’s a chance letters could get lost in the post.”

The council says if there are several questions of similar content they will be grouped together for a generic answer anyway, covering all points raised.

Email your questions to development. or write to Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater TA6 3AR, quoting the reference number 08/12/00168.

Mark your questions for the attention of case officer Rebecca Miller.