RACEHORSE trainer Carroll Gray evacuated his Moorland home and stables in the middle of the night after rising floodwater threatened the village.

He and his wife Christine were woken by an Environment Agency worker just after 12.30am on Monday (November 26) and advised to leave their property at Moorland as waters continued to rise across the submerged moors and levels.

Earlier on Sunday morning he had evacuated all ten horses from the stables after the yard was flooded and is keeping them in nearby rented accommodation.

The couple were assisted by Christine’s brother, who drove from his home in Tavistock, Devon, in the early hours to help them salvage their belongings.

“I’ve been here over 20 years and I’ve never known it this bad,” said Mr Gray.

At nearby Fordgate, much of beef farmer Bob Hall’s land has been submerged in up to four feet of water since last week.

He is calling for a permanent pumping station to be installed where North Petherton and North Newton brooks feed into the River Parrett alongside his farm.

“I can’t think of anything more needed around here than that,” said Mr Hall, 65, who has worked on the farm since a boy.

“There seems to be more water coming down that brook now than I have ever seen in my life.

“If there was a permanent pump it would make all the difference.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said a temporary pump had been installed at the location and added that they were constantly reviewing where new pumps could be added.

He said: “Pumping stations are sited where they will be of maximum benefit in managing flood waters and water levels.

“We are able to bring in additional mobile pumps as and when required, which we have done in this instance.”