SPEEDING motorists using a Cannington road as a racetrack are to be targeted by police following a community meeting.

Police listened to people who attended their PACT meeting in September and identified speeding between Cannington and Hinkley as a priority.

The local neighbourhood team have been working with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue to conduct two days of speed checks during peak times.

A total of 1481 vehicles were checked and 26 were found to be exceeding the speed limit through Cannington.

Sergeant Steve Crago told the Mercury: “Recently there has been an increase in traffic on this road and this is expected to continue for as long as Hinkley Point continues to prepare for, and possibly build, a new nuclear reactor.

“While the small number of drivers exceeding the speed limit is encouraging, we still have work to do to further educate drivers who exceed the speed limit in built-up areas.”

Let the police know priorities by calling 101 or visit www.avonandsomerset.police.uk