THIS spectacular painting may depict Bridgwater Carnivals of yesteryear but it could go a small way to helping secure the procession's future.

The painting, called In Times Past, has been donated to the Bridgwater Carnival Committee and limited editions will soon go on sale, to raise money for the event.

It is the fourth in a series by artist Angela Gawn.

Angela and her ex-husband Derek now live in Ireland but both are keen supporters of the carnival, and Derek was in Bridgwater earlier this month to watch the Carnival Concerts.

During his visit, he presented In Times Past to Bridgwater Carnival President Pete Bastin at the town hall.

Derek said: “The carnival is an absolutely fantastic community event which brings people together from all walks of life.

“However we are also both fully aware that the carnival needs all of the financial help it can get over the next few years in order to ensure the tradition continues, so we have decided to donate another painting and the associated copyright.”

Pete added: “The painting is truly wonderful, and I would like to thank both Angela and Derek for what they have done for us. It's another carnival memory for us all to look and marvel at.”

With the help of Peter J Nicholls Photography, limited edition copies will soon be available to order and buy from the on-line shop at or from the carnival centre in town.