CHILDREN from a Bridgwater dance academy travelled to Disneyland Paris to perform in the Mardi Gras celebrations.

Fox King Dance Academy took 42 pupils aged between five and 18 to perform a 25-minute set in front of an international audience in the packed Videopolis Theatre, within the Disneyland Paris park.

The set covered ballet, pointe work, tap, modern, and even street dance styles and each child had up to five costume changes each within the set.

The children worked hard attending summer schools in the summer holidays and gave up two weeks of their time to send an audition piece by DVD to Disney, before being specially selected from around 400 dance schools.

Dance teacher Tamzynn Williamson said: “I am immensely proud of the students who worked incredibly hard to produce such a professional show.”

Lynette Griffiths has three children who attend the academy and travelled with 100 other parents and children to the performance.

She told the Mercury: “The experience for the children was truly magical and would not have been possible without the amazing teaching staff at Fox King; Tamzynn Williamson, Beth Cowen, Sarah Chedzey, and Luis Young.”