COMMUNITY leaders have launched a campaign to identify zones for a pilot resident parking scheme following concerns over parking in Bridgwater's Town Centre.

Westover Councillors have submitted a report to Somerset County Council based on public consultation within the ward and supported by street petitions, relevant parking statistics and diagrams.

The report, which included extensive petitions from 15 streets around the ward, was presented to Traffic Team manager Bev Norman to be passed on to Councillor Harvey Siggs, portfolio holder as part of the Departments Policy Review.

Ms Norman said: “At the moment Resident Parking Schemes can only be introduced where there are issues relating to public safety but Cllr Siggs has called for an urgent review of this policy.

“My team is looking at producing a new policy so we can get on with piloting some Resident Parking Zone schemes.”

Further steps will be to carry through the policy change, establish the procedure, identify a pilot scheme, look at funding and resources and establish 'champions' for each area.

Ms Norman added: “The Westover bid has ticked all the relevant boxes and is a good model for a pilot scheme.”

Cllr Brian Smedley said: “People around Westover have worked very hard to establish the need in their neighbourhoods by getting the petitions together and so we already have a system of 'Champions' ready and waiting to take this forward.”

The report also includes areas which require traffic calming measures such as Elmwood Avenue, Albert St, Dampiet Street and Queen Street.

Cllr Kathy Pearce said: “Several streets were unclear about whether they wanted resident parking and we need to stress no zoning will be introduced without full consultation.”