A CHARITY which supports families with children who have special needs has told the Mercury how it benefits from Bridgwater’s carnival.

The Special Needs Activity Project (SNAP) is a Bridgwater-based charity which currently helps around 18 families from around the area.

It is run by parents through a committee who support the whole family, not just the disabled member.

Fiona Rossiter, chair of SNAP, said: “We support pretty much whatever age group and there’s no fee to attend.

We just encourage members to get involved with fundraising through collections and events like Bridgwater Carnival.

“Friends of the families and myself will volunteer to collect on Carnival night, where we can distribute leaflets.

“Carnival is our biggest fundraising effort throughout the year, as it brings in the most funding in one go. We also get to speak to people who donate and let them know about us.

“The money helps with day trips, holidays and family activities.”

To find out more call Fiona on 01278-446329.