A 17-YEAR-OLD girl from Bridgwater had her head shaved at a music gig to raise over £1,000 for charity.

Alice Marker, of Kendale Road, took great pride in dying her hair all the colours of the rainbow but was willing to have it all shaved off to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

She shed her locks at a charity music event at Bridgwater’s Bar 27 on August 4.

She said: “Some of my family have passed from cancer. I’ve been dying my hair all colours over the past few months and I thought I’d go one step further and shave it off for charity.

“Overall we made £720 on the ticket sales alone, a further £184 on collection pots and raffle money for Macmillan Nurses, along with my sponsor money, online and offline has come to £420.75.

“My friends have said they are really proud of me.”

Alice thanked One Shot Promotions, Armarda Guarding, every band who played on the night and everyone who donated.