ALMOST 200 punters at a Burrowbridge pub have signed a petition to save its beloved dog, who has been accused of being a traffic hazard.

Sally Taylor and Jim Winkworth, of the King Alfred Inn, say they may have to consider re-homing their springer spaniel, Bodger, after he was accused of straying in two anonymous complaints.

The complaints, made to Taunton Deane Council, said Bodger was a traffic hazard as he likes to go for a walk around the front of the pub to the riverbank.

Sally said the family felt it would be unfair to tie Bodger up as he is used to his freedom.

She said: “He walks down a path to the riverbank, but he never goes on to the road.

“Taunton Deane Council has sent two dog wardens to watch the pub to catch Bodger in the process.

“They’ve sent us a letter saying if they catch him they’ll take him to the dog pound and we’ll have to pay to have him released.

“They suggested that we tie him up, but we’d rather re-home him than take away his freedom.”

A petition has since been started online and at the pub with almost 200 people signing up to say they have never seen Bodger straying on to the road and causing a traffic hazard.

Sally said: “A neighbour who worked for the RSPCA suggested the petition.

“It has only been going a few days, but many neighbours and regulars have all said they’ve never seen him go on to the road.

“He’s a well behaved and friendly dog, and popular with children who visit the pub as well as our boys, Seth six, Jed, four, and Jaz, two, who have never known life without their pet dog.

“We hope to get around 500 signatures to say these accusations are unfounded and allow us to find a sensible solution.”

A council spokesman said its policy was not to comment on individual cases, but it would investigate any reports of a dog straying on to a major road.

The council would be concerned for the animal’s welfare and that of the public, he said.

To sign the petition, visit