A Bridgwater student's documentary exploring claims that cannabis could cure cancer has become an internet hit.

Kain Derrick, 22, made the 11-minute film It's Not Just a Drug as part of his second year media arts degree project at the University of Plymouth.

The film explores the drug's alleged potential health benefits through interviews, on-line research and archive footage from a man called Rick Simpson, who claims a residue made using hemp oil can cure diseases in humans.

Kain, a former student at Robert Blake Science College and Bridgwater College, said: “It's a field I'm interested in and have a passion for.

“The main point of the film is that cannabinoids released from cannabis offer healing properties when ingested as an oil, and it loses most of these cannabinoids when smoked.”

Kain's video has already attracted thousands of views on YouTube and he plans to research hemp's references in The Bible for his next experimental film.

NHS Somerset said no clinical evidence had been produced to support claims that hemp oil or cannabis could benefit cannabis patients.

An NHS spokesman said: “Exaggerated or misleading advertising claims made in regard to homeopathic products also risk people taking them without first seeking a diagnosis of their condition by their family doctor.

“Delay in treatment, especially for cancer, could significantly reduce your likelihood of successful treatment and outcome.”

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