A BRIDGWATER driver who hit a man with his car leaving him with a severely broken ankle following a high-speed chase, has appeared in court.

Adam Watson, 27, of St Matthew's Green, Bridgwater, admitted a charge of causing Grievous Bodily Harm and causing serious injury by dangerous driving at Taunton Crown Court on Wednesday, April 29.

The court heard that Watson knew the victim and puroposefully ran him over following a high-speed chase through Bridgwater on Tuesday, October 25 last year.

The victim was left in agony with a bone sticking out of his ankle.

Prosecuting, Peter Coombe said that the victim had a text message from his ex-girlfriend, who had been involved in a dispute with Watson's partner.

Watson had text the victim's girlfriend, threatening to attack her with an iron bar, the court heard.

Mr Coombe said the victim decided to confront Watson and got in his car, and after seeing his car in town, gave chase.

According the eyewitnesses the pair were seen driving through red lights and on the wrong side of the road before eventually the victim managed to position his car in a way that forced Watson to stop.

The victim then got out to confront Watson, who proceeded to drive his car straight at the victim, knocking him over and severely breaking his ankle.

Eyewitnesses described seeing the pair driving dangerously through Bridgwater, driving through red lights and on the wrong side of the road, before the victim manoeuvred in front of Watson’s car, forcing him to stop.

Mr Coombe said Watson later returned to the scene with a female companion, and the entire group started arguing agressively and Watson had to be restrained by the police.

One eyewitness said: “It was like the Jeremy Kyle Show in the street.”

The court heard that Watson had sent messages to friends saying he would 'kill' the victim if he saw him.

The judge adjourned the hearing for a pre-sentence report to be produced and the defendant was remanded in custody.