BUSINESSES across Somerset pulled together to support an international event in Cannington. 

More than 80 delegates from across the UK, Italy, France and Poland attended the event at EDF Energy's Cannington Court training centre. 

Janet Hogben EDF Energy’s chief people officer,who helped to organise and host the event, said it had been a good opportunity to work with local businesses.

“We wanted delegates to get a sense of what it’s like at Cannington Court and to build new networks across our different teams and countries.”

Hoteliers, publicans and even local musicians entertained the group, who were in the UK to learn more about a range of EDF Energy initiatives.

During their visit, the group toured EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C site to learn about their work with supply chain partners, Trade Unions and the community and called in to the neighbouring Hinkley Point B power station.

They also heard from Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF Energy who spoke about the company’s evolution, its recent achievements and challenges and the way it was preparing for 2020 and beyond.

The international visitors were also given a taste of the great British pub at an evening of music, traditional tipple and pub games at the Friendly Spirit public house in Cannington.

Blackmore Farm, Quantock Lakes, the Castle of Comfort and the Walnut Tree provided accommodation for the guests, while the Dave Barry Combo Jazz Band provided a musical backdrop during dinner.