VICTORIA Park Community Centre is having a fantastic impact bringing residents in the ward together.

The Community Centre, which opened eight years ago,includes a doctor's surgery, pharmacy and children's centre as well as a rather special cafe.

The Centre Cafe has a five-star food rating and is open six days a week, but also caters around 30 meals to 0-4 year-old for the nursery.

Each day there is a set meal for over 55s where they can get set menu three course meal for £5.

Gareth Hughes, manager at the Community Centre said: "Up until Christmas the Centre Cafe was run by the Bridgwater Association for the Elderly but they could not continue running so we agreed to take on their staff and run it ourselves."

"The Cafe overlooks the play area and is a really pleasant place for people to come and have a cheap cup of tea or coffee," he said.

"We also have a committed group of volunteers who help with the service in the Cafe."

Another important development at the centre is Digital link, funded through EDF's Community Impact Mitigation funding.

The community centre has three computers, which are available to use for free internet access and printing.

The public are also able to access weekly free digital training and advice at the drop in sessions.

"Every Tuesday a two-hour drop in session is where the community can access computers and receive help in applying for jobs, writing a CV, access to universal credit and internet banking."

The Centre is also the base for Credit Union, Lola Fisher Dance Academy, Youth Clubs, Bushi Karate and Sporty Tots and many more opportunities.

"We have also started running successful Christmas and Summer Fairs. The previous Summer events have attracted nearly 4,000 people and using grants we have managed to keep prices down.

"So we have climbing walls, fair rides, and numerous different activities which cost 50p each. At the Christmas event we managed to do the same, so children could meet Santa and live reindeer for just 50p."