SEDGEMOOR FM DJ Dave Englefield weekly Mercury column is here, and this week asks - is there any truth in the saying 'we turn into our parents'?

I’ve often heard it said over the years that we eventually turn into our parents. It’s one of those things that, to be honest, I thought was a load of old rubbish. 

After all, if you put me in a room with my parents (an impossibility now) there would be a physical resemblance but nothing about our individual personalities would make it obvious that we were related. 

Why am I mentioning this? Well, Mrs Dave has pointed a certain amount of things that I do, or the way that I do them are the same as my father would. 

What makes that slightly odd in my mind is that my parents split up before my teenage years and I didn’t see my father for many years after that, by which time I was a fully grown adult. 

So, how can I end up being the same as him in certain ways? Is it something we pick up in our formative years? Or is it a genetic thing?

I now find myself starting to do something, then looking slightly weird as I try to do it a slightly different way, just so I’m not appearing to copy my father. 

Having said all that, I have also spotted my wife turning into her mother in some ways too, so maybe it is all down to genetics.

On the radio front it’s been a relatively calm and quiet period, which has been much needed by some of us, as from Easter onwards we will once again be getting out and about at events across the area. 

Many are already in the diary and I’m sure there will be many more to come too. I’ll keep you posted of where we’ll be, it would be lovely to see you there.

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