A MOTHER has told how her 18-month-old daughter had a lucky escape, after nearly falling out of a window in their fourth-floor flat.

Fortunately, Michelle Cavaney was close by when her daughter, Scarlett Burfield, tried to climb out of their front room window at their flat at Brooklands, in Bridgwater, and she managed to grab her.

Michelle, 26, and partner, Shane Burfield, 31, say they have complained about the window before, and Homes in Sedgemoor has now fitted restrictors, but the couple say action should have been taken sooner. 

Michelle said: “The windows are coming away from the foundations of the wall and the locks don’t work; the windows are old and need replacing.

“We’ve complained about the windows to Homes in Sedgemoor for two or three years now; they can’t seem to repair our windows but they’ve managed to fix the majority of the other flats here.

“A couple who live near us in Brooklands flats have finally had theirs fixed and they’ve been asking for two years.

“I was lucky to be there when Scarlett tried to climb out; she could have easily fallen out if I’d not got to her quick enough.”

A spokesperson for Homes in Sedgemoor said: “We can confirm that our contractors visited Michelle Cavaney on Friday and have returned to the property today (Monday) to fit restrictors to the lounge window.

“We are looking at options in relation to the windows of Brooklands in the longer term.

“We take all complaints seriously. We can confirm that a contractor has visited the premises previously to examine the windows at 39 Brooklands. 

“We apologise for the time delay in taking any further action and confirm we are in communication with Mrs Cavaney to expedite this matter.”

In response to Homes in Sedgemoor’s recent statement, Michelle said: “They’ve now installed window restrictors on our windows, but it’s two or three years too late.”