CADET Sergeant Ben Squires, 17, from Bridgwater, has completed three back-to-back varied weeks of training in the UK and the Netherlands before heading off to Okehampton on Somerset Army Cadet Force’s annual camp.

His action-packed month started as a member of the battalion shooting team at the Inter-Service Cadet Rifle Meeting at Bisley, Surrey.

That was followed by participation in the 98th Nijmegen Marches, in which the Somerset group won ‘Best ACF team’.

Ben has also attained an above average report from the Cadet Leadership Course run at Frimley Park National Cadet Training Centre, which he completed last weekend.

Ben said, “This course was the best course I have been on since my time in cadets. I met loads of new people and did things I’d not done before.

“I’ve had great opportunities through the cadet force and highly recommend it to others. As a result I have bettered myself as a leader and I know what I need to improve on.”

For details about becoming a cadet from Year eight or above, contact the Somerset HQ on 01823-284486.