A SUPERMARKET’S plans for a second access to its Bridgwater store will cause a dangerous rat run for boy racers, it is claimed.

Sainsbury’s wants to create a new ‘Leggar link road’ to open up its store to cars from The Drove and Quantock Terrace.

The Leggar is currently a culdesac only accessed from The Clink, but under the plans its bollards would be removed.

The road would also see around 20 on-street parking spaces wiped out on the Quantock Terrace
junction with double yellow lines up to a mini-roundabout.

The plan has sparked a stream of complaints as many people say there is no alternative parking for miles around.

A 30-signature petition has been sent to Sedgemoor District Council objecting to the miniroundabout scheme.

Resident Stephen Griffin says in his letter: “Quantock Terrace is a quiet cul-de-sac, and houses many families with young children who regularly enjoy playing and riding in the street
due to it not being a through road.”

Mr P. MacDonald, another objector, said: “Before The Leggar was blocked off to vehicles it was a danger to pedestrians.

“There were speeding vehicles and intimidation by drivers to pedestrians, and it will be worsened by making it a two-way access.

“The Leggar, if opened, will be used as a rat run by joy riders during the day and all night as
they do at the moment on and outside the retail park.”

Some nearby companies back the scheme, saying it will help prevent congestion to the site.

In its application Sainsbury’s says it is just a progression from previous planning applications
where the intention was always to open up The Leggar.

It says the council also had aspirations for the Leggar Link route as outlined in its core strategy in 2011.

A council spokeswoman said: “The completion of the Leggar Link through to Quantock Terrace has been an identified highway scheme for over 20 years.

“The scheme has an important role in terms of town centre traffic management as well as
improving access to the existing retail park.”