A PERFORMANCE group from Bridgwater which has so far raised £60,000 for the community has been awarded a prize based on a public ‘vote’.

The JH Variety Performers scooped £200 from Asda’s green token community scheme, which allows customers to decide which charity the shop should donate to.

Customers are given a green token after their shop which can be slotted into a selected charity box, and JH Variety Performers proved to be a hit with customers at the Bridgwater store.

Jayne Hancock, group founder, said: “I didn’t think we had a chance, but I was really surprised that we won as we had the Bridgwater Blake Museum and Bridgwater Arts Centre as contenders.

“We’ve also raised money for Musgrove Park Hospital – The Beacon Cancer Centre and Intensive Care appeal – Bridgwater ShopMobility, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf in Taunton, Help for Heroes and many more.

“We’ve performed at many fêtes and shows free of charge, such as St John’s Church, so we can help make money for their funds.

“This group raises all the money for costumes, scenery and props from skittles weekends, raffles and even a 24-hour karaoke to perform their shows, so all the money raised in their variety shows can be donated to the nominated charity.”

Jayne and her variety group will be collecting money in Bridgwater town centre for National Wedding Dress Day on August 15, all dressed in wedding dresses, and in Burnham on August 22.