A SPORTIVATE project at Bridgwater College culminated in an eight-strong Team BC completing the Race for Life.

Sportivate projects are funded by Sport England, creating opportunities for non/semi-sporty individuals to be more physically active, and helping to create a sporting habit which sees them participate in activities for a long period of time.

Bridgwater College was successful in its bid for this project as it was seen as a good incentive to get more females both in college and in the local community more physically active.

Participants were encouraged to take part in six weeks of training before the event and those who participated in five out of six training sessions, organised by the college, had their entry fee for the race paid for and completed it as one of the ‘Team BC Girls’.

Eight Team BC Girls ran the 5k race at Vivary Park in Taunton, with all completing the circuit in between 30 and 40 minutes. Team BC Girls fundraised before and after the event, with the total raised so far being £658.

Jessica Robinson, 20, from Bridgwater who studies the Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care said: “It was such an amazing atmosphere and I enjoyed every aspect of it.

I'm sure my face blended in with the pink tops by the end of it! I'll definitely want to do it next year at college if the opportunity comes up again.”

Naomi Goude, Programme Manager for Art Design and Media said, “I am so glad I took part, not only to raise money for an amazing charity but I feel so much better for it as well, training really made quite an impressive improvement in my performance!”

The college hopes the project will lead to a continuing walking/running group on Monday lunchtimes, with chance to raise money for local charities.

Contact Carly Martin on martinc@bridgwater.ac.uk for more information.