A MISCHIEVOUS English bull terrier is recovering from four hours in emergency surgery at a Bridgwater vets after eating a pair of pants.

Five-year-old Sid was taken to Castle Veterinary Practice in Bridgwater with a case of persistent vomiting and pain; he had collapsed and was very weak.

Kate Bartels, director at the practice, said: “Sid had x-rays taken of his abdomen, along with a full blood screen.

He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and foreign material was identified in his stomach/duodenum.

“After a four-hour surgery involving a gastrotomy and enterectomy, underwear was removed from both his stomach and duodenum. 

“Entangled in this underwear were shards of sharp plastic. This had damaged the intestines extensively, and a 12- inch section of duodenum had to be removed during the surgery.”

The damage that had been done by the plastic shards had led to further complications and a second surgery was needed to flush Sid’s body of infected fluid.

Sid was put on a special diet, as he had also suffered with painful pancreatitis, and remained on an intravenous drip throughout his stay. 

After three days, following surgery, Sid was able to go home.

Mrs Bartels added: “Sid never groaned, or got upset with his ordeal. He had many injections, and interventions with no grumbles. He is such a wonderful patient, and all the staff were both sad, but very excited to see Sid go home. We wish him a speedy recovery.”