WOOLAVINGTON and Bawdrip Neighbourhood Watch are warning people of a possible phone scam.

A Woolavington member of the group reported receiving a phone call, with the number withheld, on July 9 from a man offering to provide a black box to be fitted to her phone line that would block all international and unwanted calls.

He said the cost would be £1.90 per week although he would prefer three months payment in advance, over three years.

A spokesman for the group said: “Our member said she would talk to her husband about it at which the caller said ‘ok – carry on enjoying your unwanted calls’ and slammed the phone down.

“Call blocking devices to fit into your phone line are readily available, ranging in price from £18 to £100 and many modern telephones have this facility built-in.

“What is suspicious about this incident is the manner in which the call was ended.

“This may or not have been a scam but you will do well to remember the advice – never buy anything from cold callers, be they at the door or on the phone.”