A PAIR of farmers from Middlezoy drove their wartime weapons carrier to a D-Day remembrance event in Devon.

Julian Hutchins and his wife, Carrie, undertook a difficult route through the East Devon lanes to the Nissen Hut Heritage Centre field in Smeatharpe for the South West Airfields Heritage Trust's D-Day + 70 Country Show.

The show was close by to the famous Upottery Airfield featured in Steven Spielberg’s long running television series, Band of Brothers.

The series related the exploits of the 101st Airborne paratroopers in allied operations which started with D-Day. Over 80 C47 Dakotas, along with many gliders, left Upottery Airfield to drop behind enemy lines in Normandy with the mission to knock out threatening German gun emplacements.

Julian's father acquired his Dodge Weapons Carrier when it was released for sale by the Dutch in the early fifties, but his father Robert regrets selling two Willys jeeps, as they are now fetching sums well in excess of £10,000.

Julian travelled to support the affiliation of Westonzoyland Aviation Museum, as the family farmland contains much of the old RAF base, one of the country's oldest airfields which took an important role under American occupation both before and after D-Day.