POLICE are warning people who have a few drinks they could still be over the limit the following morning.

The message comes after 158 suspected drink drivers were arrested in Avon and Somerset’s summer campaign throughout June.

Of those, 131 were nabbed between 7pm and 6am, seven between 6am and 9am and 17 between 9am to 7pm.

Chief Supt Ian Smith said: “This year we’ve published figures for the times of day that arrests were made to highlight the fact that some drivers could still be over the limit the following morning and that we carry out stops throughout the day and evening.

“If you’re out in the evening enjoying a few drinks this summer make sure you have arrangements in place for getting home, such as a taxi or a lift with friends, and ensure you leave plenty of time for the alcohol to leave your system if you’re driving the next day.

“Drinking and driving can lead to collisions and cause serious injury or death and we’ll look to prosecute anyone found to be over the legal limit.”

Chief Supt Smith added: “The message is simple, don’t drink and drive.”

The drink drive campaign also formed part of a range of activities carried out by police in relation to the World Cup.

With some late kick offs, officers warned any viewers having a few drinks to ensure they were aware of how much they had to drink if they were driving the next day.

And Chief Supt Smith said: “Tackling drink/drug driving will continue throughout the summer.”