MORE than 100 Year Eight students now have the essential skills required to survive being stranded in the wilderness.

During a day's visit to Great Wood, Ramscombe, the children learnt how to build and light a fire using materials such as moss, pampas grass, twigs and sheep's wool.

They disappeared into the woods to build shelters out of only natural products and became more experienced in how to navigate around the hillsides.

A spokesman for the school said: “To help overcome the shock of being away from all habitation, the students explored the hedgerows and were taught how to identify and safely use some of the plants to treat common ailments.

“The sun shone brightly as they explored the site developing their resourcefulness, resilience and ability to work effectively in teams as part of the ongoing progression of learning at RBSC. A wonderful outdoor learning experience was had by all!”

Overall 148 students have taken part in the activities.