THE Jean Rees Centre in Bridgwater has had help to repair a Polly Tunnel crushed by a falling tree.

Morrisons and DHL logistics group have been helping the centre repair the structure, which was damaged last November.

The centre is the sixth-form for the Elmwood and Penrose Federation and the Polly Tunnel forms part of the horticulture curriculum, providing the students with much needed experience growing plants and vegetables.

Julie Walker, strategic lead for the centre, said: “The students were devastated at the damage but after 30 hours of hard work from a team of volunteers from Morrisons and DHL, the framework has been repaired.

“It was either bent, buckled or loose as a result of the huge tree falling on it.

“All of these efforts have resulted in the Polly Tunnel operational again after months of students not being able to use it.

“The volunteers all found the experience was very rewarding and staff and students are very grateful for the support that Morrisons/DHL have given them.

“We cannot thank this team of five enough for their hard work and the time they gave up over a weekend to repair this really valuable resource for our students.”

Storms had caused the huge poplar tree to fall across the polytunnel, burying all plants, gardening equipment, tools, wellies and badly damaging the tunnel itself.