BRYMORE School in Cannington is offering boys from across Somerset the chance to learn traditional farming and rural skills as well as the school subjects.

Cllr Justine Baker joined the Brymore School team at the Bath and West Show and found out first-hand how vital it is for the next generation to learn traditional rural skills.

Cllr Baker said: “I was lucky to have a go at forging with Old Brymore boy Alastair who made it look easy when it was far from it!

“Brymore is offering so much to its students with regards to learning agricultural and rural skills that for hundreds of years have been key in our local communities but are now suffering.

“Many people do not realise Brymore is a state school and as such is a unique school on our doorstep.

“It is very disappointing that some of the subjects they offer do not appear on current league tables, something I am helping them to change.

“It is not right that only core subjects are recognised – vocational courses such as lamb studies, forging etc should be recognised and encouraged by the Department of Education.”