FRENCH visitors got a taste of Somerset last weekend as they visited North Petherton to celebrate 20 years of town twinning.

Ceaucé in southern Normandy is Petherton’s twin town and a delegation from there was greeted by Mayor Alan Brad-ford last Saturday at the primary school.

The ceremonial welcome was just one part of the 20th birthday celebrations for the town’s Twinning Group who each year host or visit their twin town.

Scouts from North Petherton each created a flag for a banner to be presented to the French by leader Anne Puplett and a fine English tea was provided by the local Women’s Institute.

The visitors also enjoyed a hearty meal and a barn dance at the community centre on Saturday evening with locals.

Other activities included a steam train journey to Watchet and individual visits with their hosting families.

Finally, after greeting the primary school’s Year 6, themselves regular travellers to France, the visitors left on Monday.

Rosey Day, chair of North Petherton Twinning Association, said: “A great friendship has grown and we are thrilled to be celebrating a link that is stronger than ever. We learn about each others’ lives, the similarities and the differences – it’s fun and fascinating too.”