HOMEOWNERS who need to have work carried out following floods should consider local builders, villagers say.

Many of the firms carrying out renovations to homes in Moorland and Fordgate are not from Sedgemoor and villagers say local businesses should be considered.

Retired Bridgwater estate agent John Griffin said he specifically asked for a local firm to carry out work at his Moorland home.

He said: “The insurance recommended a firm, but I wanted local builders. My home is very old and I know people who do renovation jobs.

“Our insurance company, NFU Mutual, has been very good and the builders are making sure it's definitely dry before starting the real work.

“We were underwater for a month and everything was soaked right through. We're still living in a caravan while everything dries out.”

Pat Gray, who runs Total Building Services, is carrying out work on his own flood-damaged property in Moorland.

He said: “I've met many different surveyors because I've got four or five jobs in the villages.

“I'm also doing the church; we've got to take all the pews out and put a new floor in.

“But many of the firms are from Bristol and I've only seen a few local builders. A lot of the money is going out of the area.

“I definitely think people should ask their insurance company if they can get a local firm in to do the work. I understand that insurers will use their preferred firms, but local business should be given a chance.

“Having been through it all, I would be happy to offer advice to villagers or recommend other local firms.”

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