THE tranquillity of the countryside and the sounds of rural Somerset could be found right in the centre of Bridgwater, thanks to an enterprising teenager.

Nathanael Williams, 16, recorded, edited and presented the immersive ‘Outside Inside’ sound installation art piece at the Engine Room in High Street.

People were able to walk in and take a seat, surrounded by flowers, while the sounds of the Somerset countryside washed over them.

Nathanael said: “It was a resounding success with a constant stream of visitors who thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“The presentation was held over two days, with many people popping in for 15 to 30 minutes to experience the tranquillity of the countryside, without leaving the town.

“A sound installation is an unusual occurrence. People were very excited about exploring it. All sounds were recorded locally in order to capture the essence of rural Somerset.”

Nathanael, who is a home educated student, created the display as part of his Gold Arts Award. One of the requirements to pass was to organise a public event.

Thanks to the Outside Inside piece, and no little help from his tutor Will Bix from the Engine Room and Somerset Film, Nathanael has completed the Gold Arts Award and is grateful to everyone who helped Nathanael said: “This exhibition would not have been such a success without the support of the Engine Room, Somerset Rural Youth Project, Flowers International, and the all important benches and plants from The Walled Gardens of Cannington.”