A POLICE crackdown on cyclists illegally riding on pavements has attracted praise and prompted calls for more cycling provision in Bridgwater.

Police have been issuing reminders to people that cycling on the pavement is an offence and that officers can issue on-the-spot fines of £50.

Following a report in the Mercury, reader Frances Pankiewicz said: “This is a real problem, as I discovered when walking from Broadway to the town centre from Morrison’s store.

“There were three separate cyclists on the pavement and they were not small children but people old enough to know better.

“If they want to use the pavements and pedestrian crossings then they should dismount and show consideration for pedestrians. I hope the police do make a point of discouraging this by issuing penalties.”

But another reader, Steph Lord, wrote: “Motor vehicles pose a much higher risk to both pedestrians and cyclists. This is where the police need to concentrate their attention rather than trying to spot cyclists on pavements.”

Chrissie Cattrall, communications officer for The Bridgwater Way project, said there are a range of initiatives which aim to make cycling easier and safer.

She said: “We have heard people are using the pavements but we have cycle and pedestrian routes that are being delivered in south Bridgwater and a range of initiatives to build confidence on the road.

“There are Dr Bike workshops where people can learn how to service their bikes to know they’re safe and cycle training courses for any ability.

“Skyride Local also starts from May 18 on Sundays, where people can follow an instructor along routes.

“Children have also been learning about cycle safety from Bike It officers in schools.”

She added more funding to expand cycle routes is anticipated from developers.

For more information visit www.thebridgwaterway.co.uk