A NUMBER of police officers who thought they were being transferred to Bridgwater could now be moved to Shepton Mallet.

Avon and Somerset Police are looking to set up two ‘catch and disrupt’ teams – one in Shepton Mallet concentrating on the south of the force area, with the rest of the constabulary’s patch covered from Keynsham.

Police say the intelligence-led teams would bring together the ‘proactive capability’ of the whole force at two sites in an attempt to crack down on regular offenders.

A spokeswoman said: “It is part of a consultation into reshaping the force’s operating model launched a month ago.

“Some officers currently at Taunton may be moving to Shepton Mallet as part of that, although we are not sure of numbers or when.”

Scores of Taunton-based officers are already due to move to Bridgwater, where a ‘hub’ of custody suites, road policing units, firearms and operations and administration is being built at Express Park.

The spokeswoman said: “That will probably be in the summer and Taunton Police Station will be sold at some stage and we will find a nearby location, probably with a local authority.

“There is still no timetable, but there will still be a response and police presence in Taunton, along with an inquiry office – the public probably won’t notice any change.”