FUNDING towards an Eco Park, a tidal defence barrier and children’s play facilities has been secured from a project to build 186 homes off Haygrove Road in Bridgwater.

The application by Joe Notaro and joint developer David Wil-son Homes was granted permission by Sedgemoor District Council’s development committee over a year ago in February, 2013, and since then a comprehensive Section 106 Legal Agree-ment has been drawn up and is now agreed.

It includes: contributions of around £600,000 towards the adjacent Meads Eco-Park; 30% on-site affordable housing (24 flats and 31 houses), and an £89,000 flood defence tariff.

Also included will be on-site public open space and children’s play facilities, financial contributions of £453,509 towards the funding of additional school places and £67,500 towards the cost of providing the pedestrian/cycle link.

However, Bridgwater Wyndham Ward councillor Gill Slocombe told the Mercury: “Every development has a Section 106 Agreement and this is normal practice that needs to contribute to the community, but I think the community would prefer not to have the development.

“I, Ann Bown and David Baker have done everything we possibly could to object.

“It has all been done correctly, but this development was not necessary and is total overdevelopment for this area.”

Bridgwater West county councillor Ann Bown said: “Really and truly I appreciate that these things have to be done, but I don’t think the Meads should be in the 106 as it’s a separate project.

“I feel very strongly about the extra cars this development will create and it’s a road safety hazard.”

A spokesman for Sedgemoor District Council said: “The proposed development will deliver a significant element of the Meads Eco-Park.

“The parking, access and general highway arrangements are satisfactory and will have no adverse impact on highway safety.”

The developers have until April 7, 2017, to start construction.