A MOTHER from Ashcott, whose son helped deliver clean water to poor communities abroad, has been following his dream after he was killed in a car crash.

Anton Hawkins, a graphic design student from Ashcott, went to Nicaragua in 2013 and during his three-month stay helped ship eight water filters to the community there.

Lisa Jenkins, a close friend of Anton, said: “On returning to the UK, Anton talked to his family and friends and to anyone who’d listen about his desire to return to Nicaragua and continue what he had started.”

But Anton never got to see his dream realised as tragedy struck last July when he died in a road accident at the age of 25.

Judi Hawkins, Anton’s mum, wanted to continue her son’s fantastic work and started the charity AH20 to deliver clean water to communities without access to it.

In January Judi and Anton’s friend Lisa went to Nicaragua to meet families Anton had supplied clean water to and deliver more water filters to other families in the area.

The families welcomed them into their homes whilst stating how blessed they were to have had Anton in their lives.

Judi said: “It was a quiet and humbling experience to meet those very same families who we recognised from the footage Anton had captured on camera a year before us.

“We saw how dirty and contaminated the well water was and how the rural people have no choice but to drink it, making many of them sick without them understanding why.”

AH20 are now planning a charity event – the Electric Blue Tie Ball – at the Bocabar in Glastonbury on May 3.

The ball, named after Anton’s infamous blue suit, will offer guests an insight into the upcoming projects for AH2O alongside a dinner, art auction and live music.

Lisa said: “Anton’s vivacious energy lives on through AH2O.

“His devotion to encouraging others to be healthy and happy didn’t begin in Cerraduras in Nicaragua but this is where Anton found his favourite place on earth.

“We are following in his footsteps to bring fresh water to the people of Aserradores.”

Tickets for the ball are on sale now – for more information visit the charity’s facebook page facebook.com/cleanah2o