FIRE crews were called to Ashcott today after containers from a lorry spilt black sludge all over the road.

The lorry had shed its load of containers on the A39 at around 3pm this afternoon (March 16).

A fire team from Street was sent to assess the situation and a Hazardous Materials Officer was also sent to try to identify the substance. Another fire crew from Glastonbury was sent for safety.

A fire service spokesman said: "Crews found four 1,000 litre containers which had split on impact and all four had spilled their contents onto the highway.

"A lamp post was also struck and damaged. Crews blocked nearby drains to prevent sludge entering water courses. The Environment Agency was informed and Police and Highways were on the scene.

"Four further containers were reported in the village of Ashcott. Two containers were leaking. Crews made this area safe also."

The substance is thought to be a waste product and not hazardous to health.