OWNERS and occupiers of flood damaged properties could benefit from loans of up to £15k.

In the first instance, they should contact their insurers, but Sedgemoor District Council, in partnership with Wessex Homes Loans, is able to provide Flood Loans of between £1,000 and £15,000.

These are for Sedgemoor residents whose homes have been flooded or subjected to severe storm damage where the costs are not recoverable through insurance.

Works included in the scheme are: plumbing, electrics, roof repairs, window replacement, central heating work, damp remedies etc.

The applicant’s property must be subject to recent flooding or severe storm damage or the applicants must live in a location with a high likelihood of flooding as determined by SDC in consultation with the Environment Agency.

Applicants must own and occupy the property as their sole residence and as their only or principal home and must be over 18.

The applicants must have sufficient disposable income to cover the loan repayments and must have sufficient equity in their property to secure the loan.

Wessex Home Improvement Loans make no charge at any stage of the process. Residents can repay their loan at any time without paying a penalty.

For full terms and conditions call 0845 4082540 or 01278-435435, alternatively email swelt@sedgemoor.gov.uk.

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