POLICE are confronting boy racers who have been plaguing an area of Bridgwater at night.

Residents living near The Clink and on Bristol Road say they are tired of being kept awake at night by the sound of revving engines and hefty exhausts.

But Sgt Gary Young, from Bridgwater Police, says the force is working with shops to ensure they put their metal barriers up at night and will also be stopping ‘boy racers’ and speaking to them about how the activity is impacting on those around them.

Sgt Young said: “Our traffic department has been made aware this is a problem in that area and we will be working with shops and giving advice to the drivers.

“PCSO Dan Wheller is the local PCSO and is working with our Road Policing Units leading the operation.”

Sharon Wyatt, who lives on Bristol Road, told the Mercury: “I can hear the loud car noises well into the night and it’s hard to sleep.

“They speed around by Sainsbury’s and McDonalds. If the barriers are going to be put up again then that may deter them, but I think it will help knowing there will be a police presence there.”

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