THESE volunteers from Cannington Speed Watch are urging motorists to slow down along a busy road.

The group says the C182 main route through Cannington is particularly notorious for people abusing the 30mph speed limit.

Roy Pumfrey, of the group, said: “People are concerned about the impending increase in traffic when Hinkley C gets built.

“But we have noticed that out of all the roads we monitor this road is worse for speeding. I’d say about 10% of people drive over 30mph here.

“There are lots of pedestrians, including students from the Cannington Centre, who use the footpaths here and I hope people will think twice about speeding.”

The group hopes to act as a deterrent and are equipped with a radar gun, voice recorder and vehicle counter. They then pass on the information to the police.

If anyone wants to volunteer, contact Cannington Parish Council on 01278-653322.