CRATERS in the road are plaguing cars in Coronation Road in Bridgwater.

Large potholes have appeared and despite numerous attempts to fill them in, they keep re-appearing.

Resident Tracy Carp, said: “I’ve been living here just over two years and the potholes seem to appear every couple of months.”

Somerset County Council highway team has been by to fill the potholes but Tracy wasn’t impressed by their methods.

She said: “Someone comes around to mark the area. Then they fill it up with rubble which gets knocked out by cars quickly.

“Then in a few months time someone else comes around to mark the area again.”

Tracy has had two punctures, each costing her £130 and is starting to get tired of the situation.

She said: “The amount of money they have to pay each time, it can’t be very practical. It’s just going to happen all over again.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “In recent weeks our highways teams have been extremely busy responding to hundreds of weather-related call-outs. However, we are still committed to inspecting roads and filling in potholes as soon as possible to maintain public safety.

“The potholes in Coronation Road have now been repaired and a scheme to resurface the worse areas of this street is planned in the new financial year.”