BIRTHDAY presents don’t come much bigger than your very own island.

Unfortunately for Sam Notaro, turning his own house into an island wasn’t what he had in mind.

Sam’s house in Moorland was left stranded in its own little sea after the surrounding area flooded badly.

Sam, who turned 40 last Saturday, was flooded in 2012 and is particularly annoyed with how the Environmental Agency have handled his predicament.

Sam sad: “It’s even worse than 2012. What’s frustrating when the water gets to a certain level we turn on the pumps but then the Environment Agency didn’t do it in time.”

“When they turned the pumps on but then people complained about the noise so they have to turn the pumps off at night.”

Sam and his dad Joe had to put up demarcation to show deep the water was because they were afraid of people who didn’t know the area driving straight into the floods and get stuck.

Sam said: “I know we live in a flood plain but basically the people at the Environment Agency are idiots.”

Paul Gayney from the Environment Agency said: “There was some maintenance work when the pumps weren't running but otherwise we have never not had them running.

“We have brought in ten more pumps and they’re working around the clock. In the end the situation is so serious, there’s not much more we can do.”