A COUPLE in their 80s have thanked the Mercury for helping them to get a hole in their ceiling fixed.

George Slade of Bridgwater had solar panels fitted on the roof of his two-bedroom bungalow but during the installation the roof was damaged causing a hole in the lounge ceiling.

Mr Slade reported the damage on November 6 to Anesco, the company contracted to repair the damage.

But after waiting six weeks and getting nowhere with his phone calls, Mr Slade came to the Mercury offices with his story.

The hole was in their lounge ceiling so Mr Slade and his wife, Jill, were unable to put up their Christmas tree.

At the time George said: “I keep having to go up into the roof space when it rains to empty buckets of water and bring them down again. It spoiled our Christmas.”

Mr Slade got in touch with us on December 12 and after our calls to the company, Anesco contacted the Slades later that day saying the repairs would be done on January 6.

He said: “When I got the call I said to my wife 'I bet the Bridgwater Mercury got in touch with them'.”

“If the Mercury hadn't contacted them I don't think we would have had the repairs done when we did.”