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Horsemeat scandal: Somerset County Council investigating school meals

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    TAGuy 12:28pm Thu 14 Feb 13
    oh dear............
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    scally666 12:42pm Thu 14 Feb 13
    I will start to worry when the find trace's of jockey in meat!!
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    [deleted] 2:42pm Fri 15 Feb 13
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    Dr Dave 6:26pm Fri 15 Feb 13
    I wondered why my kids had gone banzai!
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    Jamesey 8:58pm Fri 15 Feb 13
    While this is an important story, I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the sensationalist and misleading reporting from the media. Unfortunately, this also includes the Gazette. "Laced - To add a substance, especially an intoxicant or narcotic, to" Surely "containing" would be more appropriate?
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    Themilkmanofhumankindness 12:36pm Mon 18 Feb 13
    This could just be the tip of a very murky iceberg in so much that do we really know what goes into our processed food......particular ly the cheap processed meat that we feel we have to feed to our future generations. And how do we get to find out what is our food or to police the ever increasing need to make a profit at every stage of the food chain...... We certainly don't do it by closing down an established highly qualified food enforcement laboratory as is the case by Somerset County Council in a desperate attempt to saving a small amount of money.... So who is going to test the meat that the council is supplying our schools.... Certainly not the Somerset laboratory .... Instead it will be transported across the county ( not to dissimilar to that of the meat they are testing)...to be tested at a higher price that they cold have done with Somerset employees......
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    midnightflipflop 4:07pm Mon 18 Feb 13
    As Billy Bragg so articulately put it, speaking on Radio 4 this weekend, ‘if you leave everything to market forces, you end up with horse meat in your burgers’ It’s the same market forces that created this uncertainty with our food supply that has led to Somerset County Council closing their food testing labs. A short sighted decision determined by market forces not the welfare of the community it is supposed to serve.
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    Armchairdetectives?! 10:30am Tue 19 Feb 13
    It's like in the 1984 script when he says; "You know, I don't think there's a single piece of meat in this stew." Scary.
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