A MISCHIEVOUS parrot who has had Mercury readers watching the skies after escaping from his Bridgwater safe-house on Monday has finally been rescued.

‘Rainbow’, a green and yellow Senegal Parrot, gave his rescuers the slip several times since escaping through the front door of his home in Taunton Road on Monday (January 14).

His carer, John Reade, was fostering him for Birdline UK Parrot Rescue and Rainbow was about to go on the charity’s re-homing list when he flew the nest.

A team of parrot rescue experts from Devon were dispatched by Birdline this morning (January 17) and, thanks to a great response from eagle-eyed Mercury readers, Rainbow has now been caught and is receiving medical treatment.

Sheila Downes, Birdline rescue director, said: “Rainbow was found in a tree in King Square this morning. We were trying to coax him down when a crow decided he looked like dinner. It chased him out of the tree with two other crows.

“He eventually landed in another tree but wouldn’t come down, then flew to a tree outside the police station and onto a roof nearby.”

Finally, Rainbow was persuaded with some food to fly into the arms of a tall passer-by who had volunteered to help with the rescue, Steve Pitt.

It took a team of Birdline rescue experts, a volunteer from Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Mr Reade and the help of a kind stranger, but Rainbow is reported to be in remarkably good condition.

The parrot braved three freezing cold nights outside, but Mr Reade said he is relieved Rainbow was recovered before the snow sets in tomorrow.

He told the Mercury: “I was worried about him being out in the cold.

“It’s a long way for the rescue team to travel from but I’m glad they did.

“There was quite a crowd of people there trying to coax him down. I’m grateful to everyone for their help.”

Rainbow will be cared for by Birdline and put up for re-homing soon. To find out more about helping to re-home a parrot like Rainbow, visit