A JEWELLER from Bridgwater is appealing for anyone who can identify the people in these photos, which were found in an old locket.

Christine Hay, owner of Kemps of Bridgwater, found the mementos after going through stock from a group purchase from the Bridgwater area within the last year.

She told the Mercury: “We hadn’t had chance to go through all of it and we thought we’d see what we had since it’s coming up to Christmas.”

The photos were found in an open-style locket with a gold rim, believed to be dated around 1934.

Christine added: “We also discovered the baby photos behind the men. We don’t know if they are of the same men when they were young or if the men are the fathers.

“It’s so sad that someone should be without them.”

If anyone has information regarding these lockets contact the Mercury on 01278-727960.