PEOPLE who drive as part of their job can receive training from Somerset Road Safety.

The Mind Your Business workshops focus on employers’ duty of care to staff while at the wheel and could help them cut the risk of falling foul of corporate manslaughter laws.

The training will highlight benefits as well as how to reduce fuel consumption, stress, collisions and insurance premiums.

Supervised drives under the watchful eye of approved instructors will help uncover any weaknesses and improve essential skills.

Somerset County Council cabinet member Cllr David Hall said: “A large proportion of all road traffic collisions involve drivers at work, which is why staff at Somerset Road Safety could help any company with essential road safety measures and optimise overall performance.

“The workshops focus on whatever the business would like to address to minimise the risks associated with occupational driving to help improve safety records, which will minimise insurance claims and build the reputation of a responsible company.”

For details, contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823-423430.