Bridgwater 's long-awaited Carnival Concerts start on Monday, October 1.

The colourful music-packed show acts as a warm-up for Bridgwater Carnival, Europe's largest illuminated carnival.During the four-hour spectacular, the town's 13 Carnival clubs and two dance troupes will take over the stage with performances that are filled with song, dance and stunning costumes.

And between each set, talented front of curtain acts fill the time with music, singing, comedy and magic tricks to entertain the audience, after shining though during auditions earlier in the year.

All funds raised through the concert will go towards Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival.The concerts will run each night from Monday to Saturday, October 13, with curtain-up at 7pm on weekday nights and at 6pm on the weekends.

Tickets are priced at £11 with a reduced price of £7.50 for the first night from Bridgwater Carnival Centre on High Street, open every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.