WOULD you Adam and Eve it – some people believe Adam’s first wife was actually Lilith, and not Eve, after all.

Tor Theatre explores Lilith’s story in an original play at Bridgwater Arts Centre at 8pm on Saturday, February 8.

Glastonbury husband-and-wife duo, David Reakes and Angela Laverick, forged Tor Theatre after working as “professional jobbing actors” for several years.

In their “physically-dynamic” drama, ‘Lilith’, Tor retell the story of Adam’s first wife. Why is she cast as a mother of daemons, corruptor of men, and killer of babies by some but a positive force of the earth by others?

David said: “There are two of us playing five parts.

“It’s about how histories are written.

Many were made up by men in power, trying to keep it, and women were one of the groups who threatened them.”

Tickets cost £8/£6 at 01278-422700 or www.bridgwaterartscentre.co.uk