MUSICAL comedians 4 Poofs and a Piano, who captured the hearts of the nation during their nine years as house band on the Jonathan Ross Show, are back.

Their new show promises to be bigger, louder, harder and longer at the Playhouse Theatre in Weston on March 1.

Original member Big Dave Wickenden remains at the shimmering helm, and joining him are the fabulous Graeme Clark, who promises to bring a notable level of butch twinkle to proceedings, and the brilliant, gorgeous Ian Lilley, who will be busting a move while hitting that top B.

The camp, high octane and naughty but fun entertainment with original comedy songs, musical parodies, pop standards, dance, physical comedy and light-hearted banter from this new line-up of the fab four will have you in stiches.

Tickets cost £15 on 01934-645544.