REFORMED indie kings Blur brought the curtain down on Glastonbury Festival 2009, with a stunning show on Sunday night.

The four-piece, playing their first major show together in a decade, performed a two-hour set to a packed Pyramid Stage crowd.

Led by emotional singer Damon Albarn – who appeared to break down in tears towards the end of the performance - Blur took fans on a journey through the band’s back catalogue.

Starting of with ‘She’s so High’, they got the crowd right behind them by blasting into 90’s classic ‘Girls and Boys’.

The set continued to move between fast paced guitar tracks and Blur’s slower anthems.

‘Tender’ gave Glastonbury its perfect Sunday night moment, as the huge crowd continued to sing the chorus back to the band even when the song had stopped.

Popular ‘Parklife’ sprung a surprise, when actor and singer on the song Phil Daniels appeared live on stage to lead a sing-a-long through the track.

As the set moved into its final stages, Albarn broke into ‘To the End’ and ‘This is a Low’ before exiting the stage.

Their first encore saw them ratchet up the intensity with ‘Advert’ and popular ‘Song 2’, allowing band member Graham Coxon – on his back playing guitar at one point – to show off his talent.

For the second and final encore Blur played ‘For Tomorrow’ and ‘The Universal’ - sending the atmosphere stratospheric.

After the gig, fans streamed away chanting Blur’s songs, in what was a fitting finale for the festival.

The Prodigy closed the Other Stage, providing epic entertainment with a string of their dance classics.

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