Best entry in entire procession

Gremlins CC, Wild Bill's Runaway Train

Class one – tableau (open)

1. Ralph Trotman Cup – Huckyduck CC, Spirit of the Blitz 2. R M Smith Cup – Gemini CC, Coliseum 3. Leveson Family Cup – Pentathlon CC, At The Bottom Of The Garden 4. Burnham Hospital League of Friends – Wills CC, Galactic Circus

Class three – Feature (open)

1. Victoria Challenge Cup – Gremlins CC, Wild Bill’s Runaway Train 2. Watersplash Cabaret Cup – Masqueraders CC, The Odyssey 3. Raymond Stone Cup – Ramblers CC, Guardians of the Deep 4. Harry Paul Memorial Cup – Harlequin CC, Geppetto’s Workshop

Class five - Comic Feature

1. Morlands Perpetual Trophy – Newmarket CC, It’s A Sin 2. Tom Wilson Cup – Wells and Glastonbury YFCC, The Way You Moove 3. M W Jackson Cup – Just Georges CC, Oh-Lay 4. H M S Burnham Cup – Cary Comedians CC, The Way You Milk Me Phil

Class six – Juvenile feature/tableau

1. Sheppard and Sparks Cup – Marina Sydenham JCC, Africa 2. Hillview Shield – Hillview JCC, The Show 3. Wiley Challenge Cup – Toppers JCC, Ceremonial Barge 4. PGA Vigne Challenge Cup – Key Kids JCC, Rio

Class seven – Group of Masqueraders – adult

1. Patey Cup – Xtreme CC, Poker Face 2. Sheppard and Sparks Cup – Wilfs CC – This Is Not a Wind Up – It’s The Wilfs, Divas CC, Zimmer Olympics, Natajacks CC, It’s a Topsy Turvy World

Class eight - Group of masqueraders – juvenile

1. David Atyeo Cup – Avalon CC, Rock Around the Clock

Class nine – Group of masqueraders – mixed

1. Holley Cup – Nor-Manics, Something’s Different (Who Knows What) 2. Cooke Family, The Bearded Pearl 3. Crusaders Cubs, Frosty’s Followers

Class ten – pairs (adult/juvenile/mixed)

1. T F S Forse Esq Cup – Crusaders Cubs, Frosty’s Followers 2. Fox Ladies CC, Check Mates 3. Smandy’s CC, Mask Scare Ade

Class 11 – adult single masquerader

1. Wally Stephen’s Cup – A&A, Skulduggery 2. Mike Daniels, A Good Knight 3. Jodie Bea Mitchell, Jewel of the Sea 4. Jeannette Plummer, Arborescent

Class 12 – juvenile single masquerader – open

1. Daunton Family Carnival Cup – Matthew Parker, Rainbow’s End 2. Amy Pickersgill, Inti 3. Becky Callow – Tudor 4. Georgia Kitchen, Polar Ice Queen

Class 13 – best decorated towing vehicle

1. Maureen Pearce Memorial Cup – Masqueraders CC, The Odyssey 2. Hoteliers Cup – Gremlins CC, Wild Bill’s Runaway Train

Class 14, best decorated towing vehicle – driver

1. Ralph Whitting cup – Ramblers CC, Guardians of the Deep 2. Eclipse CC, Voodoo Carnival 3. Huckyduck CC, Spirit of the Blitz 4. Gorgons CC, Egyptian Blue

Class 15 – best decorated generator

1. Westonzoyland Carnival Club cup – Marketeers CC, Clockwork Kingdom 2. Gremlins CC, Wild Bill’s Runaway Train 3. Masqueraders CC, The Odyssey 4. Griffens CC, Tusk